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[INTERVIEW] Laurent: engineer retraining to become a stakeholder in the energy transition.

On the occasion of the World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development, read the personal story of Laurent, an engineer in retraining, who has decided to engage with the energy transition.

Successful retraining!

Read the interview with Laurent, a MANERGY engineer and student at CESI Rouen:

At a time when climate issues are at the heart of current debates, UNESCO has proclaimed 4 March as the World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development. This day is celebrated all over the world with a view to heightening awareness about the key role of engineering in mitigating climate change and promoting sustainable development.
At MANERGY, our engineers have been committed to making a success of the energy and environmental transition of our built heritage, territories, industries and infrastructures for over 40 years. On that occasion, we interviewed Laurent Lallart, a MANERGY employee and student at CESI Rouen, who is currently retraining and has decided to make a commitment to the planet!


Good morning Laurent, tell us who you are and what you do

I am a production mechanical engineer by training. I worked for 25 years in industry and services, among other things as a project engineer.
When I turned 50, a skills audit and the unprecedented health situation led me to think about by professional future. I needed to gain new momentum, set myself a new challenge with new ambitions more in line with my values.


Following your skills audit, what did you decide?

I decided to go back to school! At the time, on a personal level I already was keenly aware of the need to preserve our environment, through own consumption of solar/photovoltaic power, recycling and short supply chains.

So I decided to follow a Master’s degree course specializing in energy and environmental efficiency, industry option, which I am doing at the CESI engineering school on the Rouen campus. It is a one-year course under a professional training contract (1 week of classes/3 weeks in the company), retraining format as far as I’m concerned.


What is student life like at CESI?

We have a complete syllabus with classes including a scientific basis applied to very concrete case studies. We also have to write a professional thesis on a subject directly applicable in the company but that can also be transposed to other companies.
Most of my fellow students are between 23 and 26, with a variety of geographical and educational backgrounds.

The advantage is that we do a lot of work in groups, which draws on everyone’s qualifications, both at a technical level and at project management level: a good way to create emulation and share know-how.

From a personal point of view, it is very rewarding to mix with these young generations of engineers and share their thoughts. From a professional point of view, this new career path is giving me new qualifications and will enable me to bring my project to fruition.


What does your current position at MANERGY involve?

At MANERGY I am the senior business development manager for energy efficiency. My role consists in contributing my experience and knowledge in industry, and thereby capitalize on it to structure and develop the “Industries and Infrastructures” business unit.
This business unit does a wide variety of engineering and consulting work in terms of sectors, customers, technologies and requirements. This enables us to make a multitude of customized proposals meeting the needs of our customers.


After 6 months on this earn-and-learn course, can you share your assessment of this retraining experience?

This choice is a big challenge and risk for me, but now I am delighted to play a part in creating a better and sustainable future. I like the idea of aspiring to a profession that makes sense. Working every day in the knowledge that our goal at MANERGY is to optimize energy consumption and decarbonize new or renovated facilities (buildings, factories, industrial processes) is truly satisfying.

At MANERGY, I was able to join a company with human values that is constantly expanding in a booming sector: what better way to offer great prospects for the future. My colleagues are engineers who are receptive, kindly and always ready to support me: a great team spirit, good atmosphere at work and noble values!


What advice would you give to someone wanting to do the same work as you or wanting to retrain?

Firstly, I would advise them to try and combine their professional ambitions with their personal convictions in order to fulfil themselves in an activity that makes sense.
Secondly, in a word: BE DARING. Don’t shrink from launching out, to avoid living with regrets.
And finally, everyone can contribute directly or indirectly to improving their environment. What matters most is being aware and responsible for the impact of such decisions on a daily basis.

I am living proof that everything can be recycled!
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