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Operational supervision and engineering 03/09/2021 Courbevoie #ITHERM Conseil
Assistance to the client in the renewal of an energy performance contract for a set of 135 council buildings.

Type of assignment

Assistance to the client in the renewal of an energy performance contract for a set of 135 council buildings, namely nearly all the council’s built heritage. The performance challenges concern all types of energy consumption, including electricity and water.

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The assignments

All the technical facilities were inspected to characterize the scope and draw up an accurate equipment inventory.
These inspections also studied the possibility of improving fluid and energy performance in the facilities in order to set performance targets.

Thanks to our expertise, we helped the Client define the characteristics of the energy performance contract and draw up estimated budgets for the works, operation and maintenance of the facilities.

Assistance in awarding the public procurement contract was also an integral part of our assignment. Assisted by a law firm to safeguard the process, we drew up the tender documents (tender regulations, functional plan, technical specifications) in agreement with the Client. We also chaired the negotiation meetings to encourage the prospective bidders to improve their bids.


in summary:

The Courbevoie energy performance contract concerns 135 council buildings (administrative, schools, sports facilities, community buildings) across the whole council area.

  • 14% savings in gas usage
  • 10% savings in district heating
  • 28% savings in power usage
  • 30% savings in water usage


Innovative projects:

  • Establishing a public-spirited society initiated by the Courbevoie town council through an energy performance contract for the creation of photovoltaic power plants on the roofs of the council buildings. Thanks to the collective own consumption mechanism, the Courbevoie council has reduced its mains power consumption.
  • Installation of an innovative digital boiler to heat domestic hot water and cut gas usage.
  • Organization of a challenge between buildings administered by a service provider, including an application, training and reporting.

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