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Project design, construction supervision and engineering 23/02/2022 #ACTR
Energy rehabilitation of a complex of 212 housing units.

Type of assignment

The assignment concerns the energy rehabilitation of a complex of 212 housing units with a view to obtaining the low-energy building renovation label for all the buildings (30 months of work).

Project leader

About the subsidiary involved in the project

Logo ACTR Groupe Manergy

A few figures

June 2019/

1st quarter of 2022

Duration of the project

€16 million

Total cost of the work

Description of the work

“Les espérances” apartment building:

  • Creating a lift well
  • Wooden superstructure for the creation of 16 housing units
  • Exterior thermal insulation + weather-boarding
  • Backfitting the façades to prevent the spread of fire
  • Insulating the ceiling structures of the basements
  • Replacing the exterior joinery
  • Repairing damp rooms and replacing bathroom fittings
  • Improving the ventilation system
  • Backfitting the electricity supply system
  • Complete repair of the entrance halls
  • Improving the outdoor areas
  • Asbestos issue

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