Toulouse Métropole

Consulting and research 09/10/2021 Toulouse #SERMET Sud Ouest
Assistance to the client with consulting services and studies for Toulouse Métropole's heating networks.

Type of assignment

With regard to its energy transition targets, Toulouse Métropole wishes to be assisted in monitoring the concessions of its current heating networks and in conducting several studies aimed at improving and extending its networks, as well as creating new ones.

Project leader

About the subsidiary involved in the project

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Duration of the project

Services provided

This assignment aims to assist Toulouse Métropole in all matters concerning the heating network, the latter having a strong desire to develop it since 2012 and even more so since 2015 and the French energy transition law, wishing to increase fivefold the volume of heat from renewable and recovered energy delivered through its municipal heating networks. The two legacy networks Mirail and Blagnac have increased their output by 50% since 2012, and two new networks are under development through various assignments included in this master agreement (Plaine Campus and Grand Matabiau).


The assignment includes several aspects:

  • Monitoring the 3 current heating networks (quarterly meetings and analysis of the network’s performance, analysis of the annual report, inspections of the facilities)
  • Assistance on various topics in connection with the existing networks (negotiation with the University of Rangueil for connection, Study on the distribution of residual heat recovery from the incinerator on 2 networks, etc.)
  • Various feasibility studies (creation of a heating network in the Matabiau quarter, scaling of human resources for the heating network department, master plan for the existing networks, siting additional biomass boiler houses)
  • Assistance in launching a public service concession for Grand Matabiau.

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