Consulting and research 06/12/2021 Ile-de-France #ITHERM Conseil
Study of the recovery of residual heat.

TYPE of assignment

Study of the recovery of residual heat:

  • Work package 1: Inventory of residual heat flows on site and feasibility study of the recovery of residual heat (preliminary design study: 15 lines of inquiry, detailed preliminary design: 5 lines of inquiry).
  • Work package 2: Technical and economic analysis of connection to a heating network (supplying the site with heat, injecting surplus residual heat).
  • Option: Study on optimizing the heating of the workshops

Project leader

About the subsidiary involved in the project

A few figures


Duration of the project

Description of the work

  • Inventory
  • Field inspections
  • Inventory of the energy production equipment (furnaces, boiler, substations, refrigerating units and heat pumps, etc.)
  • Temperature measurement (thermal imaging camera)
  • Analysis of operating conditions
  • Mapping discharges of residual heat
  • Recovery, re-use and prioritization of potential energy gains
  • Recommended solutions and investments to make


  • Mapping of the potential residual heat recovery in the production shops.
  • Study of a connection to the municipal heating network.
  • Study and optimizing of the workshop’s heating system, including optimization of the investments and return on investment.

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