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Project design, construction supervision and engineering 09/11/2021 Essonne #SERMET
Maîtrise d'œuvre pour la rénovation des installations de production de 13 collèges du territoire.

Type of assignment

The council of the Essonne département selected SERMET as the prime contractor for renovating production facilities (boiler rooms and substations) for 13 secondary schools in the area. The assignment consists in providing complete project management:


Auditing the sites and recommending works: site inspections, producing the list of plant and equipment, opinion on the condition of the equipment, producing block diagrams and layout plans, proposing works.


Preparing the tendering documents:

  • On the basis of audits, the PRO study will confirm the technical and financial aspects, deadlines and energy savings.
  • Drafting the special technical specifications and the all-inclusive price breakdown into work packages selected by the awarding authority, including the necessary graphics documents.


Examining the tenders: After council of the Essonne département has received and opened the contractors’ tenders, SERMET will examine them on the basis of the Tender Regulations and will draft a review of the tenders for each of the 2 work packages. If the Essonne council so wishes, SERMET can assist it for the computer-aided designs.


Monitoring the work: This phase includes monitoring the work through site inspections every week or fortnight depending on the phase of the site works, drafting and issuing reports, checking and approving the contractor’s progress reports, etc.


Acceptance and withdrawal of reservations: This phase includes an inspection on completion of the work, preliminary acceptance operations and an inspection for withdrawal of reservations, as well as drafting the corresponding reports and distributing the contractor’s as-built records of the work approved by SERMET.


The assignment broke down into firm and optional stages in order to spread the work over 2 years.

Project leader

About the subsidiary involved in the project

A few figures


Duration of the project

€2,339,000 excl. VAT

Total cost of the work

Description of the work

he completed work includes the complete renovation of the boiler rooms and substations for the 13 secondary schools concerned. This represents 14 boiler rooms and 10 secondary substations.

The contract breaks down into 2 work packages: 9 secondary schools and 4 secondary schools.
All the plant and equipment was replaced, the boilers were resized, and the boiler house and
substations were brought into compliance.

These works will perpetuate Essonne’s built heritage and reduce consumption through the installation of efficient production facilities.

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