Property assets

Assessment of greenhouse gas emissions Property assets

Consulting and research 18/07/2022 #SF2E-CIE
Assessment of greenhouse gas emissions Property assets

Type of assignment

Production and updating of an inventory of greenhouse gas emissions for various types of property assets:


Ales Cevenes Hospital :

  • Main site: 10 buildings
  • Annexes: 19 buildings
  • Year of inventory : 2017



  • 3 etablishments: Corcelle les Cîteaux, Brazey en Plaine et Lisieux
  • Année de réalisation : 2018


Société SIDEL :

  • Reichstett site
  • Year of inventory: 2019


Intercommunal hospital of Toulon – La Seyne Sur Mer

  • 3 etablishments: Hôpital Sainte Musse, Hôpital La Seine-sur-Mer, Hôpital Georges Clémenceau
  • Year of inventory: 2020


Technologies University of Compiègne :

  • 28 buildings
  • Year of inventory : 2021

Project leader

About the subsidiary involved in the project

Services provided

Production and updating of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions inventories in accordance with decree 2011-829 of 11 July 2011 and order 2015-1737 of 24 December 2015.


The national coordination unit has defined the methodology for greenhouse gas emissions inventories. According to this methodology, the emission factors to use in greenhouse gas emissions inventories are those of Base Carbone®, which is the database of Bilan Carbone®.


The GHG emissions inventories and updates are thus a simplified version of the Bilan Carbone®, scoped as follows:

  • The direct emissions produced by fixed and mobile sources, resulting from the activities of an organization on national territory (scope 1 of ISO standard 14064)
  • Indirect emissions associated with the use of electricity, heat or steam, resulting from the activities of an organization on national territory (scope 2 of ISO standard 14064)


The general methodology followed for GHG emissions inventories is as follows:

  • Kick-off meeting
  • Data collection
  • Elaboration of the GHG emissions inventory
  • Définition of an action plan
  • Report and presentation


The production or updating of the GHG emissions inventory aim to define an action plan for reducing emissions:

  • Consistent with the ongoing projects of the target establishment,
  • By finding technical solutions and assessing their feasibility,
  • By prioritizing the proposed actions to meet reduction targets within operational, budgetary and other constraints.

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