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[INTERVIEW] MANERGISME: The platform for putting data to work for energy efficiency

Read the interview with Benjamin Brullon (MANERGY) and Pierre Vidal (ENERGISME) in connection with the launch of the MANERGISME platform.

Launch of the MANERGISME platform

Read the interview :

Pierre Vidal, Marketing Manager at Energisme, a leader in data management solutions, and Benjamin Brullon, Chief Executive Officer of MANERGY, an energy transition engineering and consulting company, are delighted to announce a partnership between their 2 companies to launch the MANERGISME platform. They tell us more about this tool and its benefits.


Benjamin, in concrete terms, what is MANERGISME?

Benjamin Brullon – MANERGISME is an energy efficiency solution developed on the basis of the ENERGISME software platform and adapted to the needs of MANERGY’s customers. It offers our customers targeted and specific energy strategies.

This combination of skills draws on the expertise of Energisme and MANERGY, namely:

  • The performance and relevance of the Energisme solution in terms of data collection and management,
  • MANERGY’s expertise in analysing such data and proposing appropriate solutions.

It’s the assurance of a “customized” and expert solution for our end customers.


What are the targets and most representative use cases of the MANERGISME platform?

Benjamin Brullon – for many years now, MANERGY has partnered its “built heritage” customers (social housing, residential housing, service sector, health sector, etc.) and “industrial” customers in optimizing their energy efficiency, more particularly through energy audits. The MANERGISME platform will enable us to take this to a new level, in particular by controlling consumption on an ongoing basis. We wish to offer it to all our current or future customers who are eager to control their energy efficiency. This can fit in with a long-term approach: optimizing consumption and improving user comfort for built heritage, or “decarbonizing industries” for our industrial customers. But in the shorter term this also addresses more specific issues, such as meeting the requirements of the energy reduction decree, a key topic of the moment.
Pierre Vidal – Yes, in that respect our platform has been particularly tailored to the issues of the energy reduction decree, and we will continue to develop it as and when the decree’s requirements and ADEME’s OPERAT platform evolve.
Our solution automates energy data gathering for the past 10 years on all their sites. This therefore enables our partners to assist their customers in defining their base year, confidently construct their energy trajectory with them and meet the target of 40% of energy savings by 2030.


Why is the platform called MANERGISME, and what are its expected benefits?

Benjamin Brullon – The idea behind MANERGISME is to “join our forces”. We rely on Energisme’s great expertise in terms of its data collection and management solution, and at Manergy we concentrate on our core business, namely analysing the data and providing consulting services. That is why we have “blended” the names MANERGY and Energisme to form the name “MANERGISME”. This blend illustrates our combination of skills and the process of creating value for our end customers. Eventually we hope that this “brand name” will embody this twofold expertise on the market, and thereby boost brand awareness for both our companies.


Pierre Vidal – At Energisme, our unique market positioning as a pure software publisher enables our partners to incorporate their expertise and meet their customers’ needs to best advantage.
Consequently, to deploy our solution we have formed a network of partners comprising digital transformation consulting firms or even engineering firms. Being able to adapt to our partners’ needs is therefore a key challenge for us, and MANERGISME illustrates Energisme’s determination and ability to offer adaptable solutions that meet their needs. Furthermore, our partners enrich their own portfolio with a powerful and innovative offer and provide their customers with high value-added services. The combination of our 2 skills offers the best solution on the market.


How can we find out more about the MANERGISME platform?

Benjamin BRULLON – Learn about the features of the platform on our YouTube channel (watch the video) or request a demonstration by filling in the contact form on our web site at:


Pierre VIDAL – Pierre Vidal – We are very glad to be in this partnership, which once again demonstrates our ability to showcase our whole ecosystem.

On that subject:

Who exactly is MANERGY?

At the heart of key energy transition and environmental issues, MANERGY has been working as an engineering and consulting company with both private sector and public-sector stakeholders for over 40 years. Its strengths: the ability to mobilize specialized skills best suited to its customers, control all the stages of a project, and offer its customers turnkey solutions.


Three main lines of business:

  • «Energy efficiency of Built heritage”, »,
  • «Energy transition of Territories”, »,
  • «Decarbonization of Industries and Infrastructures”.


Key figures:

  • 11 subsidiaries
  • 18 agencies in France and 1 abroad (South Africa)
  • 30 million euros of turnover
  • 300 staff


For more information, visit the MANERGY web site at :





ENERGISME has developed a technological SaaS platform aimed at accelerating the energy efficiency of companies (energy service providers, suppliers and distributors, manufacturers and property managers) thanks to smart data.

Thanks to the decisive technological and operational advantages of its platform, ENERGISME already has 120 major customers. The solution is also marketed by leading players under white label.

ENERGISME has been listed since July 2020 on the Euronext Growth market.

ENERGISME is a company eligible for the PEA-PME, and is also qualified as a BPI Innovative Company and BPI Excellence.


For more information, visit the ENERGISME web site at 

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